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So, on top of going to the awesome park earlier, I had a friend come over late night! My humans went out, and brought home their human friend & her Whippet, June.

She is SOOO bouncy (although she's a lot calmer than, say, half year ago).

The human friend said June was kind of territorial at her own home and having a doggie guest never worked out well. So she was worried about how I would react to having June in the house, but c'mon, we've tried this before and although it was very brief, it went pretty well.

And of course, everything went very well, again... we played, we drank water, and we layed down, together!



June really likes me, I think?

Anyway, I'd say we are good friends now and she can come over any time! I'm a good host 🙂 If you would like to see us playing, please check out this video!

Unfortunately, June made a mistake in the kitchen, and the pawty was over then because the humans had to clean up. She'll do better next time. She just drank too much water. That's all.

BY kaiju   Sun, 3 Apr 2011

I had my first house guest of my own, ever, today. Her name is June. She is a Whippet. Her humans are Human#1's good friends. We met when I was little (last January), and we played together but she was pushy and I got a bit annoyed by her.

By the way, did I mention? Human#1 is the one who held me all the way from my birth home to this home last year. I puked on him 3 times during that trip. When we got home, he sat in my crate area with me until I felt a little more comfortable. Since then, I sometimes think of him as Human#1. (Human#2 is the one who drove and cleaned the vomit mess i made. She's also a better treat dispenser.)

Anyway, back to June. Since the first time, we hadn't met again for a long time, until recently when we walked together around my place, and we got on very well! Today, they took us for a walk in the woods together, and afterward, she came over to my home. During the walk, she wasn't too into sniffing everything like I was. She probably just wanted to run. Apparently, she runs really fast!

I got a little nervous when she went near my toys so i went and sat near them, but I think I was a good host, otherwise. I hope she comes to visit me again!

BY paul   Thu, 14 Jan 2010


Kaiju meets June 1

Kaiju meets June 2

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