BY kaiju   Mon, 1 Nov 2010

listening to the birthday song....

I was born a year ago (Nov. 1st) and I guess it's a big deal! My humans sang a happy birthday song to me at midnight.

Then, they brought out this thing called "cup cake". I had never seen nor smelled anything like it before, so I pushed it around with my nose and investigated it for a long time before my first lick. I had to be careful in case it was a cupcake monster.

what is this? let me investigate....

The cupcake turned out safe, and very tasty! I wonder why they don't give me this more often. I couldn't finish all of it, though, so I buried the rest under the towel. I will take it out when I want it later...

They also gave me a toy that made kitty meaw noises. I've not made up my mind about it.... For now, I'm keeping my distance.

Tonight, my people cooked chicken with rice and veges. It was my first time to have a meal like that.... I ate it all, except for my regular kibbles they so sneakily mixed in.




Anyway, I think I like birthdays. I get to eat yummy things, receive lots of hugs and kisses, and get a present! (even if it makes weird noises and makes me suspicious!)

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