BY nobuko   Thu, 2 Jun 2011

I bought a bag to carry Kaiju. After the huge disasters in Japan, I've been thinking a lot about 1) what we need to grab for Kaiju, and 2) how to efficiently evacuate to a safer place with him, in case of emergency. With how scaredy Kaiju is, I want to make sure he is safe and not able to bolt. I also want to have both of my arms free, to grab whatever else we need. So I bought this bag (petego).

He was immediately curious about the bag. He explored it carefully the first evening.

I tried luring him into the bag with treats in the following evening, and there he is. It wasn't easy, but he got in and "stay"ed. I wish it was a top-load. Not sure how we could quickly put him in it at this point. I'll keep practicing...

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