Until 1pm on weekends, dogs are allowed to run around freely in this huge enclosed field. We are just so bad in the mornings that we often miss this time slot. However, for the past few weekends, we have been trying harder to get up, get dressed, get in the car, and drive Kaiju there in time, even if we have not even had our coffee.

There, we have been fortunate enough to frequently encounter a cute little white Shiba named "Pudding". She is quite spunky. She gave us a huge scare this week when she ran out of the gate and into the very busy avenue. She came THIS close to the oncoming traffic. We heard cars honking, and saw the little white body run into the street. Everybody in the park covered their mouth. Her owner jumped over the fence and called her name really loud, to which she responded and turned around. Thank goodness. It took a while for us people in the park to recompose ourselves.

And to our surprise, we met two more Shibas (Jules and Cody) there today although We only managed to capture the image of Jules. It's a nice way to spend Saturday morning, standing around and chatting with other Shiba Inu servants!


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