BY the humans   Sun, 9 Oct 2011

Knox's people and we had been in touch for a while, even before they got him. They were going to get a puppy from the same breeder Kaiju came from. Then, because of some unfortunate circumstances, they had to go to another. Meanwhile, our breeder recommended that they get in touch with us, and so they did.

Knox's family lives in this pretty seaside town north of Boston. It is really a nice little town with a beautiful beach. It would have been nice, too, if we had met up in town, but because of how bad Kaiju is in urban environments, we decided to meet on the beach.

Knox is 4 months old. Already quite big, but with the puppy face and full of puppy attitude. He was happy, curious, and all that stuff you'd expect from a well-balanced puppy. And oh so very extremely adorable.

Kaiju was curious, but acted detached for a little while. Then, it kicked in. He and Knox played again and again, even when we thought they were very tired. Too bad we couldn't let them off leash. It would've been so nice to see them run around on the beach.

They played and played. They clearly got along. Kaiju even got a little kiss from Knox. We were so happy. With dogs, you never know who gets along with whom until they meet.

This was a very good weekend for Kaiju. He played with a lot of dogs at a dog park for a long time, both Saturday and Sunday. And, he got to play with Knox on the beach.

Kaiju got a bath at night to get all the sand out of his coat. He did fantastically (surprisingly) in the tub. He didn't even seem to mind it so much (He normally whines)!

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