Hooray for Secret Shiba Gift Exchange!! It's one of the most exciting events of the year! Phineas's humom organized it for us this year. We are all very grateful for that!

OK, so, this year, my Secret Shiba was Keiko in Hawaii. When the package arrived, my humans saw the return address and told me it was from Hawaii. They said it was very far away. So far that we can't get there with a car. I thought it was cool to receive something from so far away, but thought it was a bummer that I'd never get to say hi to her in dog....

When we opened the presents (Humans opened theirs too at the same time. It was a big event), I was a bit freaked out by all the strange boxes and bags, so I stayed back, and watched from the couch. So humans opened the package for me and showed me everything one by one.

They were awesome presents! Keiko sent lots of yummy and chewy treats and some little toys. She also enclosed a very nice card. And I was so surprised to see a personalized wooden hook fixture that Keiko's humans made for me. I was suspicious of it at first, but then realized it was for me to lick, sniff, and maybe to chew on. Humans say it's to hold my leashes and harnesses. I think they are wrong.

I was a Secret Shiba for my buddy Zuko. I dunno. After seeing the handmade gift from Keiko, I became a bit unsure about what I sent to him. I hope everything was special enough!

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