BY kaiju   Sat, 14 Jan 2012

It was Saturday and I was in my favorite dog park, but I wasn't happy. There weren't many dogs. The ones that were there weren't interested in playing chase with me. And there was no Knox.

So I found a stick to play with. Stick was fun for a little while. I guess it's better than nothing, but it was no comparison to a playmate.

Then, like a magic, three humans walked in with a black and tan Shiba Inu. He was very outgoing (I guess anybody is outgoing compare to me) and fast! The park was very muddy, and we played hard!

I got kinda muddy.... Humans were laughing and smiling so I thought everything was all good.

But nooooo! They had to bathe me!! When are they going to learn learn that I can clean myself perfectly well if they just give me a little chance! *Whines*

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