BY kaiju   Sun, 10 Nov 2013

I lived with my grandhumans for the past 3 human weeks. That's five whole dog months. It felt like a long time. I almost assumed I was going to live there now, forever.

Grandhumans were very good to me. They have a gigantic fenced-in yard where they would play with me for a long time. Their daily schedule was so regular, unlike my humans. I liked that a lot. When grandhudad came home from work, I'd get so excited that my tail would go crazy. And it made him giggle so much. I felt good living there for sure.

But, I did miss my humans. For one, I had to sleep by myself there. I like being with my people when I sleep, but they'd go into their room and close the door. There were no long walks, too. I even missed the forced-snuggles with Humom and Hudad.

Well, this morning, grandhumans put me in a soft-crate, loaded everything in their car, and drove me all the way back to my humans. It was a 4 hours drive.

So, where am I? This is my couch. The rug is mine too. Many things are the same, but the house is totally different. I know this place. Humans took me here several times before, but it had none of my stuff in it then, and it looked very dangerous. Is this where we're going to live now?

They said this is where I sleep now. Well... ok.... this isn't bad... good night.

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